The Pathology Informatics Learning and Innovation (PILI) Laboratory is designed to develop and test new technologies and techniques in the acquiring, visualization and sharing of pathology and medical data. The highlight of PILI is the 18 screen tiled array of high-resolution displays which runs the Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment (SAGE).

SAGESAGE was developed by the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at UIC under a grant from the National Science Foundation. SAGE is designed to enable users to easily upload, visualize and manipulate information, allowing them to reach conclusions faster, better and with more confidence. We have successfully collaborated with EVL to develop a viewer for whole-slide microscopic images in the SAGE environment, and demonstrated its effectiveness in different scenarios. We are now working to expand the capabilities of this viewer with the goal of using digital microscopic images in innovative ways that will increase their value for patient care, research and medical education. More information regarding SAGE can be found by clicking on the SAGE logo.

PanoptiqPILI also contains a Panoptiq system from Views IQ, which enables the scanning of microscopic slides as the slide is being viewed on the microscope, as well as the creation of three dimensional Z-stack video files directly integrated into the whole-slide image.