The PhD Program in Pathology offers research-based training in the study of disease at the molecular, cellular, organ, whole organism, and population levels. The Program reflects the Department's unique integration of traditional experimental pathology research with disease prevention and population science. The objective of the Program is to provide students with the foundation and skills required to design and conduct multi-disciplinary translational research relevant to human disease

The Program is part of the Graduate College at UIC (  Students initially take courses in the integrated curriculum of the UIC Graduate Education in Medical Science (GEMS) umbrella program ( Information regarding admission requirements and process can be found in GEMS website (process / requirements). In addition to the courses offered by GEMS, students are required to participate in three departmental courses (General Pathology, Pathobiology of Cancer, and Molecular Epidemiology and Biomarkers), which are also open to students in Graduate programs throughout the biomedical sciences.

Following the first year of the Program, students are involved in specialized training in an area of pathology of their choice, including, but not limited to, cancer prevention, biomarkers of cancer, molecular epidemiology, tumor biology, and mechanisms of cancer development and progression. All areas focus on translational and transdisciplinary aspects of pathology and cancer research.

Maarten C. Bosland, DVSc, PhD, Professor of Pathology, directs the program as Director of Graduate Studies. Further details about the program and its curriculum can be found on its website ( Admission is through the GEMS Program (for details see the websites of the Graduate College ( and GEMS ( Please note that the Masters Program in Pathology is currently not accepting new applicants. Additional information can be obtained from Dr. Maarten Bosland, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies or Dr. Alan Diamond, Professor and Co-Director of Graduate Studies.

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