Renée  de Leeuw, PhD

Renée de Leeuw, PhD

Assistant Professor

phone: 312-355-4154

My graduate training, completed at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, focused on the role for phosphorylation of Serine 305 of the estrogen receptor in tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer. In my postdoctoral studies at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, I investigated how the RB tumor suppressor can be leveraged to define therapy for advanced prostate cancer patients.

In my lab, I am utilizing my knowledge in hormone receptor and cancer biology to develop a translational research program studying the role of kinase signaling in prostate cancer progression. While classical KRAS-activating mutations are rarely observed in prostate cancer, other alterations in the MAPK pathway are common, including gene amplifications and BRAF fusions. The central aim is to assess the biological implications of clinically observed MAPK alterations for therapeutic response and aggressiveness of disease in order to develop novel biomarkers and treatment strategies that will improve disease outcomes for patients with advanced prostate cancer.

In addition to my research, I serve on the Associate Member Council of the AACR.

Clinical and Research Interests:

- Prostate cancer
- Mechanisms of therapeutic resistance


B.S. in Molecular Sciences, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
M.S. in Biomedical Research, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Ph.D. in Cancer Biology and Molecular Endocrinology, Department of Cell Biology, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam. Thesis: “Molecular understanding of tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer.”

PostGraduate Training:

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Thomas Jefferson University, Department of Cancer Biology, Philadelphia, PA, Mentor: Karen E. Knudsen, Ph.D.

Awards and Honors:

2016: Young Investigator award, Prostate Cancer Foundation
2015: Publication selected for a highlight in Transformative Healthcare through Innovative and Impactful Research, Department of Defense
2015: Publication selected for The ASCO Post
2015: Travel award, Jefferson Alumni Association
2013: Best translational poster presentation award, Gordon Research Conference on Hormone Dependent Cancers
2012: Post-doctoral fellowship, Prostate Cancer Research Program, Department of Defense
2007: Pre-doctoral fellowship, Top Institute Pharma

Recent Publications:

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