Clinical Informatics Fellows



Alaa (Al) Alsadi (Surgical Pathology)

My name is Alaa (Al) Alsadi. I am a board-certified pathologist and currently a combined Surgical Pathology and Clinical Informatics Fellow at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System (UI Health). I graduated from Tishreen Medical School in Syria but I have spent most of my Graduate Medical Education in the Midwest. During my training I developed a deep interest in the various Electronic Medical Records, PACS systems, diagnostic and surgical procedures software, Laboratory Information Systems, and quality systems. This interest eventually led me to pursue a fellowship in Clinical Informatics after completing my training in Anatomical and Clinical Pathology at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL.

The field of Pathology is transforming; looking at glass slides will, in the near future, be replaced by Whole Slide digital Imaging (WSI). In other words, the field of Pathology will soon be going through the transformation the field of Radiology went through a couple of decades ago! For this reason, it is pivotal to have Board-Certified Pathology Informaticians to develop, implement, and lead our future pathologists into the era of Digital Pathology. I aspire to take a role in this transformation; the Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) technology and Pathology PACS systems are two of my main interests. I am also interested in diagnostic and Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tools.

My non-medical interests are computers, electronics, technology in general, and cars.

Monique_Diaz_2017_HeadshotMonique Diaz (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

I am a first-year fellow in clinical informatics. I am board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, which has offered me the opportunity to serve as an interdisciplinary team leader in the hospital setting for the past 5 years. From that vantage point I gained intimate knowledge of in-patient workflow and how quality care hinges on data-sharing. My interests and activism have centered on EHR improvement projects. With my background in molecular biology, I am also captivated by the Precision Medicine Initiative and what that means for integration of genetic data into medical practice.



AzharKamel Azhar, MD (Family Medicine)

I graduated medical school from Saudi Arabia which is where I am originally from. In pursuit of knowledge, I decided to continue my education in the US where I got my master’s degree in clinical research from UC San Diego, American board certification in family medicine from Texas Tech University, and academic medicine fellowship from University of North Texas.

 I’ve always been fascinated by technology but my interest in informatics sparked during my residency where I was training in two different hospitals in which one of them was using paper documentation. I was able to clearly see the impact of technology whether on efficiency or overall patient care. As a clinician, I know firsthand the challenges physicians face. I believe technology made and will continue to make a huge impact on our daily clinical practice.

Interests: Database query, clinical decision support (CDS), and artificial intelligence (AI).

Zulueta,_JohnJohn Zulueta, MD (Psychiatry)

I’m originally from San Diego, CA. I studied East Asian Studies at Harvard University and worked as a business analyst before deciding to pursue a career in medicine. I received my medical degree from Northwestern University, and I completed my residency here at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the adult psychiatry / neuroscience research track.

My interest in clinical informatics stems from my conviction that in order for the field of clinical informatics to advance it’s going to need to tackle the most difficult of problems and that psychiatry has a host of very difficult problems that could benefit from the methods and insights offered by informatics. These problems span a wide range: from trying to understand how our genes and environment interact to produce our thoughts and emotions to figuring out how we can we develop and use technology to facilitate the physician - patient relationship.

With my training in clinical informatics I hope to promote the union of these disciplines and look forward to the advances it will bring in moving us closer to our goal of providing the best patient care possible.