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About Us

What is Transdisciplinary Pathology?

Pathology as a discipline is right at the crossroads between basic sciences and clinical sciences. As such, it is well poised to build a bridge that we call Division of Transdisciplinary Pathology. This division is unique among peer academic institutions, an innovative approach to systems medicine.

We work with basic scientists to find clinical applications for their inventions. We work with clinicians to provide autopsy clinical pathologic correlations, to provide biospecimens and pathology services. Some of the discovery and clinical tools we offer are:

  • Development of new diagnostic and prognostic markers
  • Locating or providing resources such as tissue banks and clinical databases for research
  • Analysis of the expression of genes and proteins in tissues
  • Building and applying tissue microarrays for research
  • Laser microdissection in histology, in collaboration with the RRC
  • Histology Core Facilities
  • Central pathology review for clinical trials
  • Expertise in diagnostic human and veterinary pathology
  • Processing of blood and other biospecimens to extract DNA, RNA and plasma for epidemiologic studies biorepositories
  • Support of grant proposal submissions that involve the above listed activities

Much of our recent activities to support UIC vital missions are directed towards the UIC Cancer Center Tissue Bank, the Autopsy Service and Clinical Prediction and Prognostic Group. Only a few autopsy services present nearly 100% of their cases at the clinical departments where the cases originated from. This is a very effective teaching and quality assurance tool for both pathologists and other clinicians.

Approximately 100 faculty members at UIC and other institutions have worked the Division of Transdisciplinary Pathology since its inception in January of 2006. In order to help organize and deliver many of these services our Department has opened a new administrative branch, the Office of Pathology Bioresources, the first stop for most investigators.

This new Division offers unique opportunities for a) teaching, b) providing medical services and c) transforming the way individual investigators plan their research. Please contact us at (312) 996-2135.

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